February Sweetheart Voxbox Opening!

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// Exciting news! //

I just purchased a new camera that also has video, which means I’m finally going to be able to do the beauty videos I’ve promised for so long! Subscribe to my channel!


// Influenster Review//

Hello my lovely tumblr addicts!

Today I’m back to review the new influenster website. If you don’t already know what influenster is, it’s a site that sends FREE samples (with free shipping too!) to be tested out by real people like you and me. Then, they ask us to fill out surveys and complete reviews about the products so they know what products are working and which aren’t. Easy enough, right? There’s also badges that you can unlock by just filling out surveys. You only have to unlock the badges that pertain to you and that’s how they determine who gets a voxbox. Based on the badges you have and what kind of answers you give in surveys, you can qualify for certain voxboxes. Voxboxes are the boxes full of goodies that you get to test out! They get sent out periodically and are typically themed around badges or events like holiday voxboxes, mom voxboxes, summer voxboxes, etc! The best part is that they are completely FREE and you don’t have to pay a single cent (promise!) 

The original site was much more simple than this new website. I do like the new interface and the navigating, but I am a bit confused at times. It just takes a bit of messing around with to figure out what to do. There’s lots of new badges that can be unlocked also! The names of them are also uber cute :) 

If any of you guys love receiving free samples in the mail to test out and like to speak your mind, influenster is the site for you! 

Currently, I am testing out a 20 day sample of the Crest 3D White whitening strips. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to record my progress (by video or blog post) but I promise I will get to it! Watch out for another blog post on it!

Have a lovely day! :)

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// August Myglam Review//

Company website: www.myglam.com

Myglam is a beauty sample subscription service started by some of the most popular beauty/make up gurus on youtube (Michelle Phan, Promise Phan, Jessica Harlow, Bethany, and AndreasChoice). The price for a subscription varies from company to company. Myglam charges $10 per month and discounts for a year-long subscription. 

Products for the month of August:

Eclos Anti-Aging Cellular Activator Face Serum (0.5 fl. oz/15 mL) 

  • If you guys watched my video, you’ll know that I don’t really use anti-aging products so I actually gave both the “Eclos” brand samples to my mom. It smelled like lemongrass and had a gel-like texture with a really cooling effect. The sample size was a pretty good size and I’d expect about 2-3 weeks worth out of it. 

Eclos Moisture Therapy Regenerative Cream (0.25 fl. oz/7 mL)

  • Like I said in the bullet above, I don’t really use anti-aging products and this cream also smelled of lemongrass. It was very cooling and refreshing as well. The sample should last you at least a full week. 

Myglam Glam Gloss  in No. 2 (full size - 0.237 fl. oz/7 mL) 

  • I had an immense dislike for this lipgloss because it just took me back to middle school when I thought fruit smelling lipsmacker lipglosses were awesome. They were sticky, fruity, and didn’t offer my lips much other benefits. That’s exactly how I feel about this “glam gloss.” I think it was unfortunate that I got this color because my lips stain really easily and many pinkish to rose colors turn very bright red on my lips. I watched a few other myglam bag openings and saw different colors. This one was a barbie pink, as you can see in the swatch on my hand, and it just did not complement me at all. Too bad. I’ll probably give this to my 9-year old niece. 

Demeter Roll on Perfume Oil in “Dragon Fruit” (0.29 fl. oz/8.8 mL)

  • I really hate the smell of dragon fruit thanks to Bacardi dragon berry. In another myglam video I also saw this roll on perfume oil in a different scent called “fresh clean” or something. I would much rather smell fresh and clean than like an alcoholic beverage -_-. 

Circus by Andrea’s Choice in “Ringmaster”

  • This was probably the only product in the bag that I was pleased with since it was a full-sized nail polish in a color I don’t already own. The packaging is super cute and the polish seemed pretty easy to use, not overly thick and the brush wasn’t obscenely large like some really cheap nail polish brands. 

Salty Cosmetics Loose Luxury Mineral Eyeshadow in #150 “Glama-Zoid!” (0.035 oz/1 g) 

  • This was a pretty horrible eyeshadow, even on my terms when I barely use eyeshadow! I don’t understand the point of the packaging at all. You have to tap the bottom of the pot to get the product up through the 5 pores, but then the product flies up everywhere and you look all glittery and fairy-like. Not cool. I swatched it on my hand (right) but the lavender-y iridescent didn’t really show up, so next to it I swatched “Virgin” by Urban Decay (left), which is a shimmery white highlight color to show you guys the difference in color. If you can’t really imagine the color of this eyeshadow, just think of shimmery fairy wings that change colors in different light, but mostly reflect a shimmery lavender and sometimes green. 

Overall, I was really not pleased with this month’s bag. Maybe the skin care products were good quality but I don’t use anti-aging products other than the ones I’ve already grown accustomed to. The rest of the makeup products were cheap and costume-like. Only the nail polish was worth having, honestly. Fingers crossed for next month! If they keep this up, I’m most likely going to cancel. Mama isn’t earning the big bucks just yet!

Disclaimer: I was not paid to endorse or review any of these products. The mentioned Myglam Bag subscription service above did not pay me to endorse or review any of their products. I pay and subscribe to the service each month and am reviewing their products on my own accord. The pictures shown above were taken and edited by me.

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